What Does Off-Label Mean?

Once a drug is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a specific purpose it can be prescribed for a completely different purpose that is not FDA-approved.

Prescribing a drug not approved by the FDA for your medical condition is one way a drug becomes off-label. Drugs can also become off-label when they are prescribed:

Is Off-Label Prescribing Legal?

Yes, physicians can legally prescribe off-label drugs however it is illegal for drug companies to market drugs for off-label use.

Why Should I Care About Off-Label Medications?

Odds are that you or a family member are taking an off-label drug, one that has not undergone safety and efficacy studies required by the FDA for your condition. Although off-label drugs are beneficial and appropriate in certain situations, they also carry risks that need to be discussed with your healthcare provider.

How Can GoToPills Help Me?

Since off-label drugs are not FDA-approved, drug companies are not required to disclose off-label information in their prescribing materials. With GoToPills this vital information is instantly provided to end users eliminating countless hours of individual research. Knowing whether or not a drug is off-label and whether or not there are emerging injuries, complaints or litigation are crucial pieces of information for both healthcare providers and patients. GoToPills delivers this crucial information to healthcare providers and patients in a concise, easy-to-read format. Keeping healthcare providers and patients informed about off-label medications increases patient safety and decreases physicians’ liability risks.

What Are The Other Features of GoToPills?

GoToPills offers real-time browsing and search of multiple drug bulletins and free drug research is provided for drugs not currently in the data-base.

How Often Is GoToPills Updated?

GoToPills is updated daily.

How Can I Contact An GoToPills Representative?


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